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Vipoll - Today
1984 - In the former Yugoslav Republic Marija and Stanko Zver Senior established a private workshop where pumps for wineries were manufactured. Shortly after followed the developing and construction of special glass bottle-dishwashers for bier and mineral water bottling lines.
1991 - Under new political circumstances and free market economy, the present company VIPOLL d.o.o. was established. Initially it employed 5 people.
1992-94 - With Suzana, Simon and Stanko Zver Junior, the 2nd generation enters into the young company. The committed, at that time still small, but creative team developed and built modern machines and systems according to West-European construction standards. During these years the semi-automatic, later fully automated, wine bottle sterilization machine was built - a story about success which enabled Vipoll to enter into the market and sell a huge number of machines to Germany and Austria. The product line-up was wisely completed through further development of universal bottle cleaning machines for small and medium wine bottlers and the first linear filling machines for still and carbonized beverages.
1996 - VISIPRAKTIK, the first long tube model of a rotation filler and capper with mechanically operated filling valves for filling bier, started running successfully.
1998 - The strategic orientation to the "fillers and cappers for liquid media" was defined. Development and manufacturing of the VISITRON filling machine with electronically operated long tube filling valves was put into practice in no time, followed by immediate implementation of a short tube design with mechanically operated filling valves.
2001 - The first filling block with a Rinser, electro-pneumatic short tube filling valve and screw-lockable for filling PET bottles is manufactured within our own production line. It is successfully used in machines combined to handle glass and PET bottles.
2002 - From this year on, eatable oils and bier are filled in PET bottles as well.
2003 - The filler periphery is wisely completed through its own CIP equipment. VIPOLL took over the responsibility as distributor of machines and started providing container carriers with system control from its own production line.
2004 - The founder of the company, Stanko Zver Senior, dies unexpectedly. His children take over the company and Vipoll with its 40 employees starts its journey towards a promising future. The first filling block for fruit juice, hot and carbonized beverages known as „cold filling“ was manufactured.
2005 - The manufacturing site and headquarter of Vipoll in Križevci pri Ljutomeru is rebuilt and reconstructed. Through new administration and office buildings, all departments could be enlarged.
2008 - The first VISITRON can filler for filling bier is manufactured.
To lower the operator`s operating expenses and improve the hygiene standards, all machines and systems have been either repeatedly modified or supplemented by innovative redevelopment.

  • Roof table
  • Clean room / laminar flow systems
  • Electro-pneumatic system fitted directly on the filling valves
  • Volumetric filling procedure
  • Rinser without hose-connections
  • Onepiece neck-ring clamps for PET bottles (no clips, etc.)
  • Filling block without base frame and with machine actuators above the filling room

…and VIPOLL will continue developing – there will be no standstill!
Today - VIPOLL became one of the leading European companies that manufactures and delivers filling technologies and filling lines with a capacity between 1.000 - 45.000 cases per hour, supplying customers all around the world. 80 employees stand for creativity, quick and professional work. In the newly equipped construction and recently furnished administration departments we are working on new machines and service projects which will be professionally implementedin the newly equipped production site.

Experienced, multilingual employees represent our dedicated and goal-oriented offspring, working together in technical and mercantile field to implement the latest technology on the highest quality level. Our experienced distribution partners also ensure customer proximity by using the customers` national language.

Our satisfied customers use VIPOLL`s technology in (almost) every West and East European country. And in 2011, the first installations were finished even in the Middle East and Latin America.

The professional internal and external cooperation with our customers and business partners is the essential brick on which Vipoll builds its current success and will also remain the core of our business relationships in the future. The owners Stanko, Simon and Suzana Zver and their employees will stand behind this philosophy.