Filling systems from the VISITRON VK series E or ET are designed for filling a wide range of various beverages - such as beer and other carbonated and non-carbonated bewerages. We provide the system variant for PET packaging (VK-E), glass (VK-ET) or combination glass / PET packaging. The short-tube filler from the VISITRON VK-E /ET contains internally positioned filling valves, which are electro-pneumatically controlled. It is possible to have a single, double, triple or non-evacuation.
Main advantages of this system are:
  • optimal flexible settings of filling parameters (evacuation, flushing, pressurizing, resting phase, snifting and venting of the tube)
  • on the electro-pneumatic filling system, all set filling parameters always remain equal, even when filling capacity conditions are at the minimum or maximum (in contrast, the filling parameters on the classical mechanical filling system are different)
  • fast changing from one type of packaging to another with very short change-over times
  • precise fill level definition with quick-change insertable vent tube
  • a level correction phase (in case of the VK-ET system)
  • possibility of hot filling
  • machine is designed and manufactured in such a way (smooth surfaces) as to enable the easiest cleaning process and so fully conforms to all hygienic standards
  • simple and economical maintenance
Machine construction types:
  • single machine
  • filler + closing unit (for all cap types)
  • rinser + filler + closing unit