The filling valves are mounted to the filling ring from outside, are electro-pneumatically controlled and made with the latest technology for volumetrical filling. They are designed for filling beer, sparkling or still wines, high viscosity products, carbonated or non- carbonated water, carbonated and non-carbonated juices, and still tea.
  • tube ring or an external bowl with CIP-requisite for internal and external cleaning
  • automatic CIP cups
  • EMV block fitted on the filling module assures exact filling control
  • the absence of pneumatic tubes contributes to higher hygiene standards
  • separate return gas channel ensures that beverages are filled by always using fresh protective gas
  • inductive flow meters on each product feed pipe
  • free filling process type selection
  • counter pressure principle selection (sparkling or still wines, carbonated juices)
  • reduced counter-pressure principle with simultaneous air evacuation allows filling of high viscosity products
  • still filling principle selection (water, juice, tea, wine)
  • single- or multi chamber filling process selection
  • minimum foaming
  • bottle sealing on the valve without a plastic seal
  • separate pressurisation-return channel is ensuring that the beverage is always under fresh protective gas